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Volumetric Data Collector

Seoul LiDARs focuses on the non-intended use of industrial technology through various artistic approaches and experiments to explore uncharted possibilities. As a part of this attempt, Volumetric Data Collector is built on the simple idea of mobilizing a LiDAR sensor – a 3D laser sensor which is commonly implemented on autonomous vehicles – as an extended sensory organ of a human body.

Volumetric Data Collector is our first experiment for translating between a LiDAR sensor and a human sensor, and from three-dimensional point cloud to visual data. We packed a LiDAR sensor and a visual output (a display monitor) as well as peripheral devices in a portable unit, to be worn and carried to places in and around Seoul by walk where otherwise inaccessible. Taken out of its intended purpose, this (in)efficient device is combined with human mobility, performing a simple task of collecting three-dimensional point cloud of the surroundings of the human wearing it. For the course of three days, we had been able to collect volumetric data within Seoul’s historic places including a high security inner-city mountain, alleys of an old electronics market and a now-defunct prison with a tragic past. This seemingly parasitic device immediately visualizes three-dimensional spatial information onto the display monitor on the carrier’s back.

This experiment shifts LiDAR’s senses into a completely different perspective by de/re-purposing the technology’s intended function and integrating human mobility with. We choose to approach this experiment with as a performative manner, to perceive the world through how potent the spatial sensing technology could be as a counterpart of human senses. We wanted to examine the transformation of when machine-expanded senses coincide with other human senses and how those non-human senses define the physical space within a city, thus influencing human perception.


Sookyun Yang

Sookyun Yang is an artist who is interested in bringing imagination – that comes from experience accumulated by living in a current state of technology – into a tangible outcome. Current work scope includes investigating the potential of human being as a medium interconnecting technology and physicality in the time when technology exists ubiquitously in everyday life.

Hyun Parke

Hyun Parke is a Seoul based designer and artist whose work investigates the possibilities between the gap of the physical and digital world. His projects involve designing and building contraptions for small scale fabrication by employing technologies in atypical ways. By investigating new methods of manufacturing, he introduces a shift in perspective for making objects from centralized power to decentralized individuals.

Jinoon Choi

Jinoon Choi takes generally accepted rules as data and transforms them into diverse platforms. Many discoveries happen during the process of transformation, such as irreplaceable originality or meta-conversion rules are found on the way. His works depart mostly from underlying doubt and are realized in alternative forms of products. Trained as a painter, he adopts the grammars of design and programming in experimentation for better form, style, and methodology. Currently, as a ZER01NE creator, he explores the LiDAR rule.

This project is supported by ZER01NE